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📅 Wed Feb 14, 2024 🕛 7:30pm | $15.00

Donna & Deutsch: Tunes for Two An Eve of Valentine’s Music


Come with us to create an unforgettable romantic ambience, perfect for celebrating love and music. A romantic Valentine's Eve at 'Tunes for Two', featuring soulful vocals, expressive piano, resonant bass, and rhythmic drums. A perfect blend of love and music awaits you!

Hosted by

Anthony Deutsch


Bar Centro, East Center Street, Milwaukee, WI, USA

About the event

Come with us to create an unforgettable romantic ambience, perfect for celebrating love and music.

Join us for an evening that resonates with the spirit of Valentine’s Day through enchanting melodies and soul-stirring performances of Donna Woodall and Anthony Deutsch!

Full ensemble:
Donna Woodall – Vocals
Anthony Deutsch – Vocals/Piano
Ethan Bender – Bass
Devin Drobka – Drums

Donna Woodall

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Donna Woodall, an acclaimed Milwaukee jazz/blues and pop vocalist, merges genres with lush vocals and intimate performances. Inspired by Ella Fitzgerald to Norah Jones, she began her journey with local bands before forming the Donna Woodall Group. Voted WAMI’s Female Vocalist of the Year in 2023, Donna is known for her captivating stage presence and masterful delivery. Her album, “The Subject Love,” showcases her songwriting talent. A retired English teacher and passionate music lover, Donna continues to enchant audiences across Wisconsin.


Anthony Deutsch

Anthony Deutsch, a Milwaukee-based pianist, vocalist, and composer, has dedicated nearly 20 years to music, driven by a quest for truth and self-expression. His work reflects the full spectrum of human emotion, aiming to create a timeless experience through improvisation, which he sees as the essence of being present and responsive. Deutsch finds inspiration in simple natural sounds, like bird songs, as much as in Bach’s compositions, embracing both sound and silence. He currently freelances and composes for his original project, “Father Sky,” infusing each piece with his unique lyrical and musical vision.